Ti horse assists college competitors

TICONDEROGA Ann Lamb stepped up to help aspiring horsemen recently. The Ticonderoga woman, best known for her horsemanship and reining titles, loaned one of her valuable reining horses to the students of Morrisville College so they could compete at the Intercollegiate Semifinals March 28 and 29 at Cazenovia College. I was at a banquet and heard it mentioned that anyone who had horses to loan for the students to use to contact Jennifer White, so thats what I decided to do to help out the students, said Lamb. Lamb knew she would be loaning her personal reining horse, Compacted Trash, a 13-year-old American Quarter Horse gelding. His sire is a very famous reining horse, Trashadeous, stated Lamb. And just how Lamb acquired Trash was even more interesting. I met the owners of Trashadeous, Mitch Zuckerman and Bill Horn, at a show and wanted the opportunity to establish myself as a respectable trainer so I made a deal with the Zuckermans to train one of their young horses (Compacted Trash) at no charge for 90 days to prove myself, Lamb said. At the end of 90 days I met with them at a show to present Trash and all his abilities, she added. The Zuckermans were impressed, but told me they were downsizing their operation and had no use for another gelding and asked me if I wanted him. Trash was shipped from Florida to Lamb farm. He was scared of his own shadow, Lamb said. It took training to get him to overcome his fears. He is really a different horse when youre on him, smiled Lamb. I have to make sure I arrive early enough at show grounds to be able to get on him and ride him around the arena to see the sights, she said. Once when showing I was having issues with my hat staying on and I finally decided I needed to just get rid of it instead of having it fall off randomly in the arena. If it had just fallen off and Trash was to come back around on his next circle and see that hat sitting on the ground he would have come unglued, Lamb said. I made the decision to toss it out of the arena as I passed by the gate. Claiming Trash is funny, Lamb said things you think would upset him, dont. As far as Trash is concerned, gum wrappers have been know to swallow horses whole, laughed Lamb. The college competition featured a mix of the colleges horses and horses belonging to trainers and riders. The kids draw horse names from a hat and they have to test their skills as to how well they ride in a big hurry, said Lamb. These kids will be on an animal they dont know and they will see how quickly they can learn their horse. Lamb, who used to train horses, now shows and finds a full-time job the better deal. I get a steady paycheck and I can now ride in competitions whereas before there were some shows I couldnt ride in, Lamb said. A graduate of Meredith Manor International Equestrian Center in Waverly, W. Va., Lamb also attributes much of her knowledge to her younger days when she was in 4-H. 4-H is a great program for kids to learn about all kinds of things, said Lamb. Now no longer training for the public, Lamb enjoys buying young horses, training them, showing them and eventually selling them to start the process all over again. Her decision to loan her prized possession to unknown college students for the weekend so they can compete in reining is gratifying to Lamb and the students. Morrisville College students do quite well at reining competitions, stated Lamb.

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