Newcomb board addresses teen challenge, land purchase

NEWCOMB The Newcomb Town Board meeting drew large crowds last week as the board voted on whether or not to purchase land from the Nature Conservancy. One of the parcels in question would then be sold by the town to Teen Challenge, a Christian-based organization that takes in troubled boy from ages 12 to 17. Therefore, about 24 citizens came to the meeting to voice their opinion. When Supervisor Canon opened the floor for discussion, he kept a tight reign on the meeting so it did not become a shouting match between those who are for Teen Challenge or those who are against it. Pete Sharpe , a concerned citizen, wanted to know if it is not a church based organization but a Rehab Center then they should be paying taxes. Canon said, That this organization will still be taxed exempt. Then, Hugh Sharpe, another citizen said, There is an issue with drug gangs in Troy and they are heading North and you dont want to see them up in this area. Canon said, I dont think it is going to be an issue at all. Meanwhile, Jim Montayne said, Having a Teen Challenge Center would bring in young families to work in Newcomb. Finally Canon said, That it was time to move on and two letters were submitted regarding Teen Challenge. The first letter was submitted by Pamela McLoughlin. It was read at the meeting by Town Board Member Mike Tracy. Mrs. McLoughlin stated that Teen Challenge would be an excellent match for Newcomb and she is convinced that outdoor education is a powerful tool for troubled kids. Mrs. McLoughlin also stated that her son was a graduate of a faith based drug and alcohol rehab program and that he became a better person than his family ever dreamed he would become.

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