Youth Works leaves its mark on region

NORTH CREEK They came they worked - they left. The good work of Youth Works remains.

There was trail work done, they cut brush, trimmed trees, painted fences and the changing room at the Ski Bowl Park. They painted the water shed and spread soil for the new garden site. That was just what they did for The town of Johnsburg. They painted several homes for people that were not able to do the work themselves or could not afford it. They made their mark in Wevertown, Brant Lake, Chestertown, Pottersville, Johnsburg and North Creek doing good deeds as they went with no need of recognition. Who were they?

These kids range in age from 13 to 18 years of age. They are members of the youth organizations of their churches. They were from as far away as Texas and Michigan and some were from Troy, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and Western New York. Before they come they are required to raise over $250 each for their expenses. They sleep on the floor of the Lutheran Church for 1 week and take showers at the Fire house and Rescue Squad in Chestertown (Thank you again Rescue squad and Fire House!). They arrive on Sunday night and start work at 9 AM Monday morning to 3 PM working for a total of 4 days. There are 35 to 70 youth that come through our region every week for 7 weeks in June and July. The whole crew left on Aug. 3 to get back to school and families.

Thanks to The Youth Works Crew of Sara, Molly, Kati and Rob, and directors Belinda and Heather, this project was a great success. These kids had a wonderful time doing good work and our local communities really benefited. What a win- win situation.

They will be back for the summer of 2008. Watch for them and give them your encouragement. Thank you to all that helped make this happen.

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