October is time for new garden beds

When finished flowering or when frost kills the foliage, carefully dig the corms of gladiolus, crocosmias, and acidanthera and spread them out in a dry, well-ventilated area at room temperature for two to three weeks. Then remove and discard the old corms. Store the new corms in paper bags in a 35 to 40 location.

After the foliage has been damaged by frost, allow cannas to dry in the ground for a few days, then cut back the stems to three to four inches and carefully dig the rhizomes and let them dry at room temperature for a few days. Store in cardboard boxes or mesh bags filled with vermiculite or peat moss at 40 to 50 for the winter. In spring, plant the entire clump or separate the rhizomes, leaving a portion of the old stem attached to each one. (Corms and rhizomes are merely the official names of the roots or underground stems and storage organs of these plants.)

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