Jackman's Inc. is a Bristol landmark

Bristol, originally chartered as Pocock in 1789, offers some wonderful landmarks of Vermont history. Among the communitys long-standing fixtures is actually a family-owned commercial establishment, Jackmans, Inc., owned by brothers Paul and Peter Jackman. The nearly 80-year-old company is located at 32 Pine St., off Jackman Drive.

The Jackman property occupies the old Bristol Railroad Station, where a short line transported coal ,via trestle, and is still visible behind the building. The Bristol Railroad ceased operation in 1930 but its memory lingers in town. The current train depot is located east of the property; the transfer did not stop the Jackmans from operating their family business there.

The Jackman family business began with the Jackman Coal and Coke Company in 1930 owned by Glenn Jackson, Sr., and his two sons, Fred and Glenn, Jr.

In the 1930s, the convenient location of the coal-train trestle running through the familys backyard offered an opportunity the Jackmans could not resistthey began by offering coal and firewood to local customers.

Following World War II, in 1947, the Jackmans not only continued to focus on coal and firewood, but they also offered fuel alternatives. It was during that time that the Jackmans realized they could help the community by setting up a trucking company to transport freightfurniture and various large cargo items.

When Glen, Sr. died in 1950, brothers Fred and Glen, Jr. assumed ownership. In 1974 Glen, Jr., died, leaving Fred as the sole owner.

In the 1970s, Fred changed the company name to Jackmans, Inc. and gave up selling coal. Meeting new fuel demands, Fred sold kerosene, diesel, and L.P. gas (liquid petroleum) popularly known as propane.

In 1995, brothers Paul and Peter Jackman bought the business from Fred; the brothers have continued the family business selling home heating supplies, as well as L.P. gas and oil heating systems. The Jackmans specialize in alternatives, too. They concentrate on bio-fuels, which consist of a 20% mixture of vegetable oils, such as canola and peanut. All modern diesel cars can burn these bio-fuels.

With Glen and his two sons, the current Jackman brothers carry on the family tradition of individualized service and attention to details. The full-service department staff is on call 24 hours a day.

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