For the past two days, Pretty Good Jim has been busy painting the outside of Jims Pretty Good Book Store all by himself. While it certainly is better than Winston Churchill, who took 3 months to paint a 12X12 sailboat, it cant compare to the Fuehrer who could paint an apartment in one day (two coats).

Meanwhile Bea Carrick has returned home from surgery by the redoubtable surgeon, Shaky Bobble. At the ECHO annual meeting several people spoke at great length about the new motto, Much to Do About Nawthin, in this way subverting the Do Nothing Clubs role in town. Moving into the BURG, are Andy and Mary Nell Montgomery and Eric Kilgren thus swelling our residential listings.

Harold DeMarse, tracker organ builder will not only play the Warren Cross Memorial Organ located in the Essex Community United Methodist Church (its official name Urtha), but will explain the meaning of the page long description of the organ found in programs whilst chewing gum, playing and talking at the same time. Hows that for legerdemain?

The Churchs fall festival with bake goods, food and a white elephant (must take delivery on purchase) sale will take place on Oct. 8 from 10 a.m. to 2 pm. Dishes from Geri Van Ornams home and any other person wishing to donate fine china will be sold. No dishes or goods originally destined for the Transfer Station need to be donated.

Jan Eakins talk on behalf of the Beldon Library will take place at the church on Sept. 26 at 7.30 pm. She will talk about Thomas Jefferson, The Man. Certainly Sally Henning can testify about that. Antipenultimately, the Pre-school Play group meets Thursday from 10 till 11:30. Children must be accompanied by some sort of an adult. Well, its free after all.

Lastly, the Methodist monthly covered dish supper at begins Oct. 17 at 6 p.m. Nothing intended for Transfer Station needed.

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