Creating a warm, rustic Adirondack style with specialty woods produced locally

AU SABLE FORKS/BLOOMINGDALE For those people looking for the perfect touch for their new home or remodeling project, it may be best to look toward a specialty wood supplier.

Maicus Sawmill and Specialty Wood Products are two local niche suppliers, creating the perfect product for the discerning customer.

Maicus Sawmill: Authentic Adirondack siding a specialty
In AuSable Forks, Maicus Sawmill & Logging, specializes in Adirondack siding, also known as brainstorm. Using sawmill equipment dating back to 1875, Maicus Sawmill reproduces the same siding used on the Adirondack Great Camps in the early nineteen hundreds.

Proprietor Sid Maicus said his business created siding using the same process. Siding is made from native white pine, tapering from 1 inch to 1/4 inch, creating a natural, rustic look for siding.

Maicus Sawmill is a family-run business that has operated since 1919 by Sid Maicus father, Anthony. The mill has the oldest operating sawmill in the Adirondacks.

There are hardly any mills around like this. The old time mills are very few and far between, said Sid Maicus.

Maicus Sawmill offers custom-made products, specializing in cedar and white pine. The businesses is a full-fledge building and supply center, offering everything from nails to windows and doors.

Dwayne Maicus said the company focused on good customer service, and offered personalized attention to clients. For prices and availability at Maicus Sawmill, call 647-5170.

Adirondack Style at Specialty Wood Products
Since 1992, Specialty Wood Products has been a major source of building materials for architects, builders, interior designers, manufacturers, and craftspeople who are building log homes or using the rustic Adirondack style of home construction and remodeling.

There is continued high growth in the Adirondack-style of construction and its popularity continues to spread outside of New York State. For the past 15 years, Specialty Wood Products, Inc. has been a high quality and large quantity supplier of those rustic building materials to customers throughout the eastern U.S.

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