Control the budget to lower taxes

To the Editor,

I see by the responses to a questionnaire completed by the challengers for the Thurman Town Board, one common problem they see is the high taxes in Thurman. Most citizens of the town, as well as I, agree the taxes are too high, especially the Warrensburg Central School District Taxes.

None of these challengers, however, mentioned what they will do to reduce the budgets of the school, county and town. These budgets are what determine the level of the taxes we all pay. Until the budgets are gotten under control or reduced, the taxes will continue to increase.

These challengers also mentioned unequal assessments as a problem. If they believe this, then instead of running for the town board they should have run for the three open positions in the assessors office. By NYS law the town board has no control over the operation or procedures of the assessors office. This is to keep this office independent and prevent it from being politically influenced by the town board. So if they think there is a problem with the assessments, the town board is the wrong place for them to be to correct the perceived problem.

The town board does have budget approval but if the town board doesnt allow the assessor's office a sufficient budget to do its work, I believe, the board can be brought up on charges.

So if anyone tells you they will reduce your taxes by changing the procedures in the assessors office, (getting rid of annual a hundred percent assessments for instance, which the town board can do since they originally approved this) without controlling the school, county and town budgets, take their words with a bit of skepticism because without reduced budgets, taxes will not be reduced.

Edward Binder

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