Cardiac events

To the Editor:

Whats happening to the Farmers Son? This is in response to the question around town. It also lets me get to vent (while I still can).

After six months without medicine my therapist revived her blood pressure cuff and sent me to achieve a doctors permission to use the elliptical machine, which was helping my stride. My G.P. sent me to all the local points of interest complete with cardiologists. There I agreed to a medication that hasnt killed anybody yet.

My G.P. cant respond to my claims, so his only recourse is to throw my history on the chart and set me up for a colonoscopy.

The doctors that outfitted me with a defibrillator, which hasnt gone off in four years, have really earned my trust by killing off my uncle and telling all their patients they previously had a cardiac event. This is a real barnburner and it gets your attention. If I had refused I might have avoided old age altogether.

Back in Middlebury, it makes me wonder why one doctor wanted to incarcerate me that very afternoon and the specialist said two weeks until my next appointment would be fine.

Being mildly interested personally, I called the local cardiology office, which told me to go to the E.R. I think the courteous thing to do would be to tell the E.R. why I was sent there. The doctors there asked me why I was sent there. After four hours of waiting I was allowed to drive home.

David Foster
The Farmers Son
Middlebury, Vt.

Editors Note: Since the time this letter was submitted to the Addison Eagle, Middlebury EMTs responded to an emergency call at Mr. Fosters home, on Thursday, Sept. 20. We ask those readers, who look forward to seeing the Farmers Sons letters in print to send him their get well wishes.

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