Burlington needs a better motto

Besides, saying Burlington is like the west coast is a lie if you ask me. Are west coast cars full of rust? Does the west coast have ice storms? Does the west coast have deerflies? Not comparable to good ole Burlington, VT, it doesnt. In turn, does Burlington have the ocean? Ha, no way, man! It has North Beach. Its funny to think of some west coast sun-and-sand worshippers hearing about Burlington being west-coast-like, then coming here to tan on North Beach in their thong swimsuits and getting good-sized rocks stuck in their plumbers crack. With that in mind maybe a better motto would be, Burlington, 2.8 miles of beachCome stand near it.

We here in Vermont are all puffed up with ourselves, all proud and all, and always wanting to say were leaders in this and that, like with stuff about saving the environment, and being open and liberal minded with our politics, and we have Jim Jeffords who broke camp on the strength of his independence and Howard Dean who blazed a trail signing the Civil Union deal. And we support independent workers whether they be farmers, bakers, or candlestick makers, and were always boasting about how were still standing strong on principals and morals instead of letting ourselves be swayed by the media and our close-minded government. Were grateful and blessed to be thought of as independent-minded strong willed people who stand on our own, whether its the popular thing to do or not, and above all were happy with who we are. Thats all good stuff, so why when it comes to telling the world about our largest city do we publish a line that says were like someplace else?

Im not busting on the company who thought up the motto, because Im sure they put a ton of time and energy into getting the exact right set of words to go together. And Im sure they for sure think theyve written whats best for our Queen City. And Im pretty sure they handed a handful of mottos to whom ever picked the winner, so maybe its not even the motto companies fault. In fact there is no fault in this case because I cant say the motto isnt going to be effective, because maybe it will. All Im saying is Ida never picked it. Nope, no way. I dont think its accurate.

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