Burlington needs a better motto

I hear Burlington has a new motto: Burlington, the West Coast of New England. I hear whomever is in charge of hiring a group to think up the new motto hired an out-of-state company and paid them 30K to think it up. Burlington, The West Coast of New England. Dont you think it would have been cheaper to post a note asking us folks who live here and whove been hanging around Burlington most of our lives to come up with the motto? I do. Isnt there another marketing slogan here in Vermont that promotes buying Vermont? I think the motto is, Buy Vermont. Apparently the folks who hired the out-of-state company didnt hire the same company who thought up the Buy Vermont motto. Or maybe they did, maybe the, Buy Vermont, motto was thought up by an out-of-state firm too. I doubt it, but it would be funny if it was wouldnt it?

I believe in the Buy Vermont, concept, but I also think that if theres a better product made out of state, it shouldnt be counted out as buy-worthy. I do think for sure some local company or even just a local dude or gal off the street could have come up with a better slogan for Burlington. As long as they were throwing money around I woulda thunk them up a goodn for $28,750.00.

You might ask why a city needs a motto in the first place. Well, a motto is used to attract people to the city its mottoing. If thats true, then I think, Burlington, the West Coast of New England, sucks as a motto.

Why, if you are trying to attract people to Burlington, VT, would you use the words west coast within the motto? Thats like trying to get your girlfriend to get frisky with you by showing her a picture of Brad Pitt.

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