What's in a name?

Other hamlets derive their names from the people who first settled them. Wevertown, for example, was first settled in 1795 by Andrus Wever, who lived at what is known as the Kenwell farm.

The hamlet became known for a tannery that operated in the hamlet from 1833 to 1885, drawing a substantial number of men to the village for employment.

The tannery closed in 1885 and the property was dormant for three years until Philip Moston purchased the property and built a dam and a sawmill.

In 1913, the Moston business was purchased by T.C. Murphy and the business became known as T.C. Murphy Lumber Company, a business that continues today.

Bakers Mills wasnt named for its first inhabitant, but rather for a late-comer whose mark on the hamlet was substantial.

John P. Baker was born at The Glen in 1826. He came to Bakers Mills in 1869 and bought the T. Warren Hitchcock property where he built a house where he lived with his wife, Julia and son Charles.

Alongside the North Creek stream, also known at times as Bakers Brook or John Marchs Brook, Baker built a dam, a sawmill and later, a gristmill operation.

The hamlet of Johnsburg gained its name the same way as the town. Under the leadership of John Thurman, the first clearing in the town took place about 1790 at Elm Hill, located one mile south of Johnsburg corners. The hamlet was spelled Johnsburgh until 1893 when the h was dropped.

Other hamlet names are less obvious. Sodom, some say was so named because its forefathers wanted to give a biblical reminder to those who settled there of what could happen to those who strayed from a godly life.

But town historian Doris Patton said thats a story the truth of which has not been confirmed. Patton said shed prefer to stick with what recorded history tells us. And that is that Sodoms first resident, Samuel Morehouse settled on a piece of land at the corner of Sodom Cross Road and Peaceful Valley Road that is now known as the Montena property. Morehouse named the area Sodom Corners a place he lived earlier in life at Fredericksburg, Now Patterson, Putnam County.

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