What do we get for our taxes?

The first one being that our supervisor wants to raise the 7.75 tax to 8 which will go back into the municipality. Is he going to start replacing the infra-structure that is desperately needed, along with the sidewalks and roads? Is he going to stop telling the taxpayers that its not in his jurisdiction when it comes to these issues? According to other board members he does have control over what the highway department does, or can put pressure on them. Another point needed to be made is, since when does our town supervisor appoint someone who has been voted out of office by the tax payers? An official was voted out of office, now he is the supervisors deputy (takes over when the supervisor is unavailable), so much for voting!

The second is replacing our existing superintendent of highways! He can be as easily ripped out of office as our sidewalks are. He forgets that its the taxpayers that put him in office. Not only is this a problem, but he has no people skills. (Since I first wrote this letter I find it curious that now election is right around the corner hes doing some sidewalks.)

So, to the taxpayers, do your duty as an American citizen and get out there and vote in the primaries on Sept. 18. The supervisors name may not be on the ballet, but we know that the superintendent of highways will be.

Cast your vote for Arthur Pat Morrison, a man who can deal with the public and knows that he is not his own boss (he was elected). Please be sure you get out and vote in in November. We the taxpayers need a change.

Alice Vilardo

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