What do we get for our taxes?

To the Times of Ti:

Did you notice the article in the Times of Ti on Aug. 11, regarding County considers tax hike?

It was in fine print, probably hoping that we would not see that our supervisor is supporting it! I understand that if we want to improve our area that higher taxes is one way of doing this, but my question is, where are our taxes going? You can only have so many parks and bike trails!

My sons sewage has been backing up in his cellar for over a year now on Carillon Street, which the town was supposed to fix and has not done. I watched a lady fall flat on her face on Father Jogues Place after church on a Sunday morning, because our sidewalks are in bad shape. I had to call off work on Aug. 6 because when I woke up at 5 a.m. there was no water. Only to have to repair the same pipe the next day! All the supervisor can say to the tax payers when it comes to the sidewalk, roads, or highway department is, Its not in my jurisdiction.

When our supervisor first got into office he was going to help get a sidewalk replaced that our existing superintendent of highway removed because the towns snow plow ruined it. He had agreed that it was a dangerous place not to have a sidewalk. Instead of replacing the sidewalk, the superintendent of highways refused to, due to an argument over a drainage problem. One of his workers had told me that he was going to drain all water from two streets over into my backyard. Mr. (Mike) Connery, the then Supervisor, took care of the situation immediately!

As far as I see it we have at least two problems here.

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