School project is right for Ti

Should voters reject this plan, there will be another school repair and renovation project in a few years with an even bigger price tag. The work needs to be done, the costs keep going up. Thats not going to change.

Some local taxpayers, including Richard Wray, have been working to enact school funding changes on the state level. They would like to see this project rejected, or at least delayed, until school funding is changed to reduce local property tax burdens.

New proposed major school renovations would be excellent to haveif they did not fall heavily on the backs of local property taxpayers, Wray wrote to the Times of Ti recently. Instead of spending our tax dollars elsewhere, the federal and state governments should invest the millions needed to maintain schools and not force residents to sell their homes through never-ending property tax increases.

We should applaud Wray for his work to change the current property tax system, but we need to be realistic. Property tax reform requires courage on the part of state legislators courage that is sorely lacking. There is no property tax reform on the horizon.

The reality is our school district needs this project. It will never be cheaper. Ti taxpayers squandered an opportunity in 2003; they cant afford to do it again.

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