School project is right for Ti

The proposed Ticonderoga Central School building and renovation project deserves support.

On Sept. 25 voters will decide the fate of the proposed $23.8 million project that calls for an addition at the high school, creation of new classroom space, moving administrative offices, improved parking and renovation of current facilities.

Voters should look to the future and OK the project. The work is necessary and the time is right.

No one wants to pay more in school taxes, but rejection of this proposal will mean higher taxes later. Just look at recent history.

In June of 2003 Ti school district voters rejected a project that totaled $20.3 million. That project included all the work in the current proposition and a new gym and swimming pool.

The current proposal is essentially the same project minus the new gym and poolfor $3.5 million more.

Be clear, by doing the work four years later it will cost $3.5 million more while taxpayers and students get less.

In touting the current proposed project, school officials have used a slogan: What are we building? Character. Opportunity. Value. Community. Build a better tomorrow. Superintendent John McDonald has pointed out that the proposition isnt about bricks and mortar.

McDonald is right, approving this project sends a clear message that the community values its students, its school and education.

But it has a lot to do with bricks and mortar, too.

Ticonderoga High School was built in 1929. Its last major work was an addition in 1958. The middle-elementary school was constructed in 1967. Those buildings badly need attention now; a decade from now they will desperately need attention.

In the meanwhile construction costs increase about 10 percent a year. Dont believe it? If voters had approved the 2003 Ti school proposal taxpayers would be looking a $3.5 million savings and students and community members would have access to a new gym and pool.

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