Concerned in Horicon

To the Editor:

As a resident in the Town of Horicon, I am very concerned with the town highway department. The amount of time the highway crew spent on Dorset Road was a little extreme. The work that was done wasnt even necessary. I really dont understand why the road was clear cut so far off the sides of the black top.

Brant Lake is in the Adirondacks, definitely not a city. The wasted time that was spent on this one road should have been spent on other roads in town that desperately need repairs before the winter months, or at least cleaning up the debris and repairing the damage from the thunderstorms over the summer. Obviously there werent any men out checking the roads after these storms due to the amount of debris left in the roads, and the washouts left unrepaired. Maybe the debris and damage was simply overlooked because Paul Smith felt brush and tree removal was more important.

I recently received the Town of Horicon newsletter in the mail. It may sound very impressive that with Paul Smiths cooperation the taxpayers saved $80,000 by having his crew work on the site for the new highway garage. If the highway crew was working on the new site, who was keeping up on the road maintenance during this time? Also, just how much has Paul Smith saved the taxpayers by purchasing all this new equipment, like the new excavator and the new one ton truck? There have also been many other expensive items purchased. It seems like a lot of excessive spending to me. Its probably an attempt to make himself look good for the upcoming election. This is what we have to keep in mind, that this is an election year.

These are just a few of my concerns. This is the very reason why I feel Horicon needs a change.

Herbert Johnson
Brant Lake

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