Visit the State House

Point is, go visit our State House. Its impressive. Its clean beyond what one could imagine for such a honkin joint. Its grand in scale. Its festive and at the same time chock full of history, (heres where a real writer goes to town with historical stuff). Its on a hill. Its made of stone, stone I will bet came from up the hill near Thunder Road. Its pulled together (I checked for blown light bulbs on the ceiling high above the rotunda and not a single light was out). Its high tech in that it has wireless computers available for your use, and, it has electronic flushing toilets. It has a slate roof! What else do you want?

I get more from connecting soggy letters in my alphabet soup then I do from the weekly lawmakers round up, that is to say I dont really understand politics and the ins and outs of what goes on up there during the session, but walking around the State House at least gives me a sense that what goes on up there during session is pretty danged important to us Vermont cusses, and I think its important to at least realize its important, and to realize its important, I think its important to see it in the stone.

Not only that (assuming that last paragraph made sense to you at all), but theres a ton of great art hanging up there. Theres this guy - Richard W Brown - who has a bunch of his black and white Vermont themed photography hanging in and around the lunchroom that you have to see. The paintings that hang year round are sweet too. Theres one up there thats absolutely huge. Its the largest painting Ive ever seen, not counting the, IM KNOCKED UP ETHAN AND YOURE IN JAIL!, that someone spray-painted on the Interstate 89 water tower in Williston back in the summer of 83.

Visiting our State House might not seem like the thing to do, but take the aunt, uncle, spouse and kids, and give yourselves a walk around up on Capitol Hill in Montpelier. Youll get a great kick out of it. Like Thunder Road or a well-done Opera, you should at least see it once.

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