Visit the State House

This weeks message is a simple suggestion. This fall if you have time at all to do something youve not done, think about taking a run to Montpelier and checking out our State Capitol Building. I think they call it the State House.

Over the years Ive had cause to spend time in our State House and Ive always thought it was a stoutly presented rig. This weekend I did a gig there and when I was waiting to start my show, I took my time, walked around and gave it a fine gander and I can say that my impressions in the past where dead on. It is indeed an awesome state estate.

A good and competent writer (one who might also want to impress you with his or her stable of knowledge) would list in the following paragraph or two, half a dozen or so features the State House boasts. A good writer would buck-up his or her listed features with stats and times and dates and specifics that would go a long way in explaining just why you should visit the Capitol Building. Im not going to because; 1. Im lazy\Not interested, when it comes to studying and looking stuff up. 2. Ive just got done a long stretch of 18 hour days and though I take my column writing very seriously and always treat it with discipline and hard work, this week I cant, and instead find myself scrawling this column down the night before its due (I would normally wish to start it four or five days out so by the deadline Ive worked on it more than just once). 3. I dont normally write using specific details, but rather I write another way. I dont know what you call it, the other way, but its another way, its not specific. Got it?

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