This Week's Review: "The Brave One"

Sometimes when I contemplate tragic events such as these, I try to imagine what I would do under the same circumstances. How would I deal with the loss? How would I find the strength to go on? How would I live in the same house? But by far the biggest question is always, How good would it feel to find the person responsible and make them pay for their actions?

Police call these individuals vigilantes, and while people who take matters into their own hands can be publicly sympathized with, the act of vengeance without due process can have dire consequences to the social fabric of a community.

Throughout history many vigilante groups have formed when the justice system failed to protect endangered citizens, usually by fighting gangs and organized crime syndicates. A recent example of vigilantism arose when groups formed in the wake of Hurricane Katrina to protect property from looters.

Not surprisingly, Hollywood has capitalized on this unique subject with numerous vigilante films, including classics like Taxi Driver, Falling Down, and the Death Wish series. The trend continues this week with the release of The Brave One, a story about a middle-aged woman who, because of insipid circumstances, decides to take the judicial system into her own hands.

The Brave One stars Oscar winner Jodie Foster and Oscar nominee Terrance Howard, two of Hollywoods more intense actors. Together the duo formed an interesting bond, one that hovered cautiously between attraction and admiration without crossing into a predictable love scenario.

I enjoyed this movie because it spoke to an inner desire for justice. Weve all been wronged in our lives and contemplated what it would be like to get back at those who wronged us. The Brave One allows the viewer to act upon these desires. I wasnt overly happy with the way the film wrapped up a little too neat for my tastes but it did cover all the necessary bases to make it a solid film choice.

Check this one out if youre in the mood for an edgy, intense drama. Just be prepared for some graphic violence along the way. An abrasive B for The Brave One.

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