Ti trustees support police department

Mr. Holroyd, what value do you place on human life? Are you aware that our police officers carry a defibrillator in their police cars and are trained in its use? Patrolling 24/7/365 our police force, in most cases, are the first to the scene whether it is a personal injury, fire or a 911 call from a resident in need. Yes, the police force is a costly item but tell that to the parents of the young man who was recently saved during a devastating residential fire. Having local protection allows its residents peace of mind. That security is comforting to many people and allows us a quality of life. It is a shame, Mr. Holroyd, you dont understand that.

Finally if you are so bent on abolishing the police department you should run for the town board. Your platform issue would be clear, do away with our police force. Youd find out just how unpopular your opinions really are. By the way, please inform us as to the towns without a police force with population of 30,000-40,000.

The more you talk and the more you write the more we find ourselves pitying you. How can one person be so totally negative? If you were not complaining about the issues you raised in your letter than you would be complaining about Fort Ticonderoga or the DEC boat launch site, or else whining about the amount of money we are spending on our public library or our youth programs as you did last year. We think we will start praying for you in church. Maybe that will help. We can only hope you find help someplace.

At least now in the words of Paul Harvey, the residents know the rest of the story.

Supervisor Robert C. Dedrick
Councilman Steve Whitford
Councilman Wayne Taylor
Councilman Robert Thatcher
Councilwoman Dorcey Crammond

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