Ti trustees support police department

To the Times of Ti:

Last week Dick Holroyd wrote a letter to the editor in the Times of Ti. The letter was a classic example of someone who twists the facts and makes assumptions to deceive the citizens of Ticonderoga. Shame on you Mr. Holroyd. This letter is written in response to right several wrongs and to set the record straight.

Mr. Holroyd brings up three issues in his letter; Abolishing the police department, eminent domain proceedings and health benefits for town board members. But due to space constraints, we will address the police issue in this letter and in the very near future rebut both the other issues.

There are two types of communities, those that are standing still and those which are improving. We happen to believe that we are the latter. Throughout the course of a day we receive phone calls from businesses and perspective residents looking to locate in Ticonderoga. The three questions they ask are (1) Do we have a hospital, (2) do we have a municipal police force and (3) do we have a strong school system? We can proudly state yes to each question. Having a municipal police force also helps us on our application when applying for grants.

Your statement, Mr. Holroyd, that either the state police or sheriff will protect the community is a deception of the greatest proportion. State law does require the state police to provide protection, but it does not state how long a complainant might wait for a response. We have talked to authorities at the state police headquarters and they told us in no uncertain terms would they consider placing a barracks in Ticonderoga in the near future and there would be no commitment made for the long term. That means our citizens would have to rely on road patrols. If a call comes in and a state trooper was in the area the response time might be reasonable. However, if he was not in the area the response time could be up to an hour. If the trooper was on an earlier call the time could even be more delayed. As far as the sheriff patrol we know the road patrol has been curtailed considerably.

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