Thurman resident participates in Straw Poll

Rudy Guiliani was at a private home of a friend of her daughters, so they were invited to the reception.

He is a very candid kind of guy, Harrington said. He looked us right in the eye when we talked with him, and answered all of our questions.

Harrington said that her son-in-law told her she was fickle.

Every day I came home with a different button or sticker for different candidate, she said.

They met Huckabee on the lawn of small town Boone Court House, and Harrington was smitten with him as well.

Leslie had lots of questions for him, and he has a platform similar to Romneys, she said. On Straw Poll day, he played guitar with a well-known band, Capital Offense.

The two met Brownback in a local winery, and Thompson during the Straw Poll festivities.

All of the candidates willingly posed for pictures and gave autographs, Harrington said. Ive never been a political pundit or serious about learning platforms before, so this was tremendously exciting.

The culmination of these visits occurred in Ames on Straw Poll Day, Aug. 11, on the campus of Iowa State University. Each candidate made a 15-minute speech, and each had a large tent on the grounds with campaign materials.

They spent quite a bit of time at Huckabees tent, as he played with the band.

Huckabee has a droll sense of humor, captivating the crowds with his self-deprecating jokes and manner, Harrington said. I liked him a lot too.

She said that she got a feeling for what the main platforms were for the candidates, and based on what is important to her, she decided that Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee addressed them to her satisfaction.

Family is very important to me, she said. And so is national security and health care.

The experience left Harrington very happy.

I havent been as excited about anything like this for a long time, she said.

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