Some know the meaning of community service

To the Editor:

Too often the efforts of community members who expend a lot of energy and time into creating something good for the town either go unrecognized or unthanked. And, as time passes by, memories fade about who was behind it, yet the project remains. We have fifty years of various community members and groups organizing the White Water Derby. We had a very ambitious, hard working group who put together the Upper Hudson Scenic Railroad and museum fifteen years or so ago. Organized four years ago by Joel Beaudin and Rusty Leigh, we now have the wonderful Blue Grass Festival each August. These folks know the meaning of community service. I think another group of people should also be recognizedthe Ski Bowl Park Committee. I would like to commend all who have sat on the various Ski Bowl Park committees those that were there twenty plus years ago and those that have come aboard sincefor the hours spent in trying to make the park a better place for the residents of Johnsburg.

This past year the park committee prioritized the expressed needs of those residents who participated in a survey to form the foundation of their planning discussions. As a result, ice skating was re-established at the pavilion primarily due to the hard work of Bob Nessle, Lee Keeler, Bob Manning, Jill Broderick and Steve Studnicky. The first ever Winter Extravaganza, organized by Nancy Ness, Kate Hartley and Andi McKee, was celebrated with skating, snow sculptures, and tubing. Early this summer, a volunteer work day was held in order to clean up the beach, create the sand volleyball court, and weed. Committee members and their families, Sterling Goodspeed, Evelyn Greene, and Harry Ross all pitched in. In late June and early July, a group of young people from the Midwest, Youthworks, arrived to paint the beach fence, the ice skating rink panels, the Water District building, the trash barrels, and the inside of the change house. They also cut brush on trails and spread soil for the gardens. Andrea McKee, Silas McKee and Judy Brown spent several days supervising them. Fourth of July activities celebrated the holiday. This fall, volunteer days are planned again to work on trail cutting and picnic site development. Thanks to all the committee members and all the others who have worked with the committee for the hours of service you have given.

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