Marketing for the Information Age

Have you ever visited a website searching for a product or some information and the layout is so convoluted to the point of being incomprehensible? You probably navigated away from it quickly, looking for something more developed. The same holds true with promotional emails dead links and graphics that dont display properly tend to turn off interest immediately and subsequently lose you, the potential customer.

This kind of thing sends a highly negative message about the business or destination engaged in ineffective online marketing through their website and email lists. As weve found out, a website is essentially a businesss most important, global storefront. Disorganization, text-heavy homepages, dead links, pop-up ads, and graphics that dont incorporate or display anything meaningful to the customer show a lack of sophistication and panache by the organization. It makes you wonder ultimately, if they really care about their product.

Additionally, simply mass-emailing or placing ads that dont seem to speak directly to a targeted demographic really annoys people remember those free America Online CDs that you constantly got for years? They made great Frisbees.

According to an independent study conducted for Visitors Bureau by SUNY Plattsburgh for the year 2006, 91% of respondents indicated that they used the internet as the primary source for travel research. This is up from 86% in 2004, and represents the growing trend focusing on the importance of maintaining a clean, usable web space.

We understand that aiming specific marketing efforts while maintaining a superior online presence shows our potential visitors that Lake Placid offers the kind of experience and convenience that vacationers are seeking. By striving for excellence online, we will continue to gain market-share on the east coast as a premier outdoor destination.

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