Elizabethtown ZBA cause of contention

Gary Mitchell said he had a building permit for the garage dated July 11, but that issues had arisen after it was discovered it was too close to the boundary line. He also had a letter from neighboring property owner Electa Vaughn, who stated she didn't have any issues with the project.

No other property owners spoke on the project. Gary Mitchell said he was under the impression that the final decision would be made by the ZBA.

We were just told that no decision would be made, said Frisbee.

Frisbee left the room to confer with town supervisor Noel Merrihew, and returned to encourage the Mitchells to continue the project.

I suggested you and your builders just go and build a garage, said Frisbee, who said Merrihew would send a letter of permission.

MLS services discuss plans for Elizabethtown
The ZBA then held a public hearing for comment on Mountain Lake Services' (MLS) plans to acquire another property in Elizabethtown.

Deb McKenna, director of administrative services for MLS, explained that that MLS was working on right sizing homes, breaking up its larger residences to create smaller, more home-like environments. The organization currently has three properties in Elizabethtown - one on Park Street, one on Dougan Lane and one on Lord Road.

The Lord Road home currently has 12 residents, who would be broken up into three houses - including two in Lake PLacid. A third would be purchased on River Street, and the Lord Road home would be converted into a day habilitation site.

There's a number of individuals who want to remain in Elizabethtown, said McKenna.

Resident Philip Jackson spoke in favor of allowing the project to proceed. Jackson, who has a son who lives in the MLS residence on Dougan Lane, felt that the affect of removing the property from the tax rolls was insignificant, and said that the organization's benefit to the region outweighed the lost revenue. He added that there were several projects currently underway that would add to the town's assessed value.

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