This Week's Review: "Balls of Fury"

Unfortunately, my opponent didnt see it like that. In what seemed like a blur of white flashes, I was disposed of in a matter of minutes, scoring a measly six points (four of which came from him barely missing on slams). I kindly asked for a rematch, hoping to make a better showing. The next game ended even quicker as he skunked me eleven to zero.

I ended up playing a lot of table tennis with that kid over the next year (always privately without people watching). As it turned out, his father was a national champion and had trained his son to be the same (he even had a machine that served balls to you so you could practice your slamming technique). I never did beat him, but he certainly taught me a thing or two about the game.

Table tennis remains in my life to this day, although the games have grown infrequent. However, I was intrigued when I saw that a new comedy was being released with table tennis as the backdrop. Maybe a hit film full of laughs would reignite the passion that once burned so bright inside of me? Then again, maybe not.

There is little need to go into much detail about Balls of Fury the name says it all. This is nothing more than a haphazard conglomeration of gags loosely tied together in an attempt to be funny. Unfortunately, there is very little humor in this film. Its sophomoric in content and fails to offer any unique edge that would provide some redeeming qualities. To be honest, Im shocked this film didnt go straight to video.

Junior high school kids will find the most worth in this film since they are the least discerning and most immature social group. If youre looking for a film to share with a teenager, this one would work just be prepared for a slew of predictable, boring, and juvenile scenarios. A hokey D+ for Balls of Fury.

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