The call back that never came

I havent heard from her.

What a shame. Not because I wont be getting to go out with the gal, but because people should do what they say.

You say youre going to call someone, call them. I dont care if youre calling back some dude youre not interested in who has asked you out, or if youre returning a call from the Town Clerk who has news your taxes have doubled. You tell them youll call them, call them. How rude otherwise?

Im not writing this so the girl sees it and feels angry or put on the spot in any way, I dont mean to make her uncomfortable, and I hardly think shell read this in the first place. (Besides, only she would know its her Im talking about). Instead, this column is meant to remind us of all the times we say well do things, and we dont.

No matter how large or small the spoken commitment, there may be someone on the other end with expectations, wholl if you fail to follow through, will feel like theyve been hung out to dry.

Silly them for putting faith in that person in the first place.

Follow through with simple spoken commitments. This column is meant for me as much as anyone.

Actually you know what, that last line made for a good last line, but the truth is, I call everyone back, so this column isnt meant for me. Im fault full to the nines, but by Godfrey if I say Ill call, I call. And when I call, I tell the truth. Why? Because Im selfish. Because living within the truth in all things makes for a very smooth path, and I like a smooth path.

All the lies and fibs and half-truths and games we play everyday, starting with our friendly, affable, somewhat goofy President, are adding up to a big ole mess. Even a simple date blow-off is a hearty ingredient to the trickery we all deal with every hour of every day.


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