The call back that never came

I met an attractive gal at the fair last week. We talked for a few minutes and I thought along with being pretty, she was interesting and smart. She works at a proffesional job (not the kind you might imagine the girls I see normally have), and she seemed sharp as a gimlet. She also seemed very sweet and confident.

As she left to catch up with the folks she came with, she smiled wide and said, You know where to find me, which was true because shed told me where she worked.

I was almost positive telling me I could find her wasnt bait she was casting out to get a call from me. I was sure she meant it professionally, since the place she works offers service that I can use.

I was also sure she wouldnt probably be too embarrassed or upset if I gave her a ring and asked her out, so I did. You cant get a hit if you dont swing. A bee dont sting if hes lost reverse. All those sayings apply. (I made the bee one up ha, pretty funny sometimes I crack myself up really)

She answered her extension with a voice full of energy, Rusty DeWees, you found me, she blurted in a way that, to my ear anyway, sounded like she was happy to hear from me.

We had a very light and fun conversation, and after about a minute and a half I asked her if shed like to go on a date. She asked me for my number so she could call me back later in the evening, Ill call you after work, she said with a tone full of smiles. With my tongue in my cheek I said, Oh, you wont be like those people who say that and never do will you? Oh no, I wouldnt be that way, Ill call you, was her response. I totally felt comfortable with the date request and how shed taken it. Our entire phone exchange couldnt have been more pleasant.

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