PhD. says H.S. football is important

The Trib: Why do you think a book like Flying Lessons is necessary?

Steinberg: In my consulting experiences, I have discovered that parents are stuck. They have very talented children but their children are not being successful. I saw that parents did not have the tools to help their children become successful. I wrote this book to give parents the needed tools to help their child succeed in life.

The Trib: What is neglected most by parents when it comes to coaching for success?

Steinberg: Dealing with their childrens fears about failing. Once children overcome their fear of failing, the sky is the limit.

The Trib: Why do you think we see such a high drop out in youth sport today?

Steinberg: Parents are pushing their children with too many activities. There is not enough balance in their lives. Parents should focus on no more than three activities per every semester. Then, when the time is right, their children will gravitate toward their best activity.

The Trib: You are a sport psychologist, but the book is more than just sports. It is about achieving in academics and music as well. Why did you include those other areas?

Steinberg: I have always investigated the principles of performance. The principles that apply to success are the same for sport as they are for music as well as academics. I am explaining how to be successful in life, not just sports.

The Trib: What do you think is one of the biggest problems children face today with being successful?

Steinberg: They cannot focus. They have so many gadgets all going at once. They are practicing being distracted. So when they need to focus, they cannot.

The Trib: Which story do you think the readers will like best in your book?

Steinberg: My favorite story is how Paul McCartney wrote his famous song Let it Be. It came to him in a dream about his mother Mary, who gave him these words of wisdom when he was feeling down and depressed.

The Trib: Which is your favorite drill for parents?

Steinberg: My favorite drill involves teaching integrity to their children. You cut a straw in three parts and then tape it up. The straw will not work. I say that integrity is like that. You cannot have integrity in one aspect of your life and not in another. You must be a person of integrity in all parts of your life.

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