New Director at the Shelburne Art Center

SHELBURNE -- A long time Vermont resident with extensive experience in theater and fine arts was recently named the new director of the Shelburne Art Center.

Joyce Huff, of Shelburne, enjoyed her first day as director last Wednesday and is looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship with the community.

Huffs background is primarily in theater. She has ties to the Shelburne Players and is very active in theater around the area, both as an actress and a director.

She was formerly the director of the Ethan Allen Homestead.

I have a great appreciation for all forms of art, though most of my creative experience is in theater, said Huff. This is very exciting for me here, because my gallery experience is more modest.

Huffs first project is an exhibit for the centers adult students and instructors. Huff said that the gallery exhibit will be a wonderful chance for them to share with the public what work is made in the school.

We have a two-part operation here, she said. We have the school, where the art is created, and the gallery, where we then put that work on exhibition.

Huff said that the Shelburne Art Center truly encapsulates the many forms that art can take. Specifically, Huff said that the center honors both the traditional arts such as ceramics, pottery and woodworking, as well as the fine arts.

Further, Huff said that it was the educational aspect of the art center that truly interested her, as the centers aim is to encourage both young and old to embrace art.

I have an education and teaching background, said Huff. Coming from the Ethan Allen Homestead Museum, we had a theater camp where we taught theater as artistic expression. I think theres room at the art center for everything, because we want to serve the public and all its artistic interests and pursuits.

For now Huff is working towards an understanding of where the Shelburne Art Center stands as an organization within the community and what the plan for the future should be. Id like to share even more of what we do here with the public, she said. I want to be more inclusive.

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