Looking for mini galaxies

The history of the Hubble Space Telescope (named after astronomer Edwin Hubble)launched in the early 1990sreally began in 1946 when U.S. astronomer Lyman Spitzer (1914-1997) suggested building an observatory platform in space. The Spitzer Space Telescope (formerly called the Space Infrared Telescope Facility) is an infrared space observatory and is the fourth and final of NASA's Great Observatories; it is named after the famous astronomer.

Whats in the Sky: Look for Venus, the morning star, in the east at dawn. Saturn and the star Regulus are to the left of Venus. U.S. Army Gen. George Custer, killed at the Little Big Horn in 1876, was dubbed Son of the Morning Star by American Indians; he was an early riser, along with Venus, when on the warpath.

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