Dubie: Troop surge in Iraq is working

Maj. Gen. Michael Dubie was in Iraq last week to inspect Vermont troops. He also spent time talking with other military officials about the progress of the U.S. troop surge. Dubie commands Vermonts 400 National Guard troops stationed in Iraq.

With the support of the U.S. House, including both Democrats and Republicans, the surge added up to 30,000 troops. It is expected to speed-up the military side of rebuilding Iraq and ridding it off terrorist cells sponsored by Iran and other states.

The plan has been in place for about three months now, said Dubie in a television news interview. It is having an effect.

U.S. Army Gen. David Petreaus, the commander of all troops in Iraq, will report on the surge to Congress this week.

"I would say that, some of this is anecdotal and some of this is looking at the metrics, but clearly, militarily, we feel the surge is working. And if you talk to people on the ground, like I did last week, they feel like we are making significant progress militarily," Dubie said in a news statement.

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