What a gas!

To the Editor:

Wow, Ms. Asermilys letter in last weeks Eagle was entertaining. She is certainly full of hintsoutdoing busybody Heloise herselfby telling everybody how to live, save money and be good myrmidons. Imagine accomplishing all this, while driving around in her over-priced, over-hyped 2001 Toyota Prissy.

Ms. Asermily, pause in your self-aggrandizement for a moment and peruse the following data: Norway is concerned that its national animal, the moose, is harming the climate through its belching and expelling methane. Norwegian researchers claim a grown moose can dispense 4,620 pounds of carbon dioxide a year -- equivalent to the CO2 output resulting from driving across the U.S . about two times.

Far worse, the bacteria in a moose's stomach engender methane gas, which is considerably more destructive to the environment than is carbon dioxide gas.

Norway has some 120,000 moose (their estimate). I have no idea how many moose are in Canada or the U.S. but in Vermont estimates are about 2,100. Subtract 100 for death by cars and hunting, why just Vermonts population alone generates 4,600 tons of CO2 each year. Vermont moose eject 18 million miles worth of carbon dioxidearound 5,600 cross-country trips.

Let us move on to the methane problem.

Agriculture is responsible for producing 37 percent of global methane emissions, a gas that is 23 times more potent than CO2 when it comes to global warming. Much of this gas comes from the eructing of ruminating animals such as cows and sheep. Every human vegetarian is complicit too; let us not forget their part. Here you are getting your knickers in a twist over my driving habits and carbon footprint. Now what say you?

Ed Mann
Waltham, Vt.

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