The boys of summer are gone

Cruising down Main Street, North Creek, last Tuesday evening I couldnt help but notice the quiet. The shops and restaurants were closed, save it be for a couple that stayed open, no doubt to accommodate parents scurrying to gather the last 1 notebook or pocket folder needed to complete juniors school supply list in preparation for Wednesdays start of school.

Inside Trappers, a few hearty souls sipped ale nonchalantly, apparently oblivious that the memo had been issued officially ending summer. More likely, their kids are grown and theyre immune to the first week of September when the switch on lifes treadmill is thrown.

It always amazes me the transition from summer to fall. Though according to the calendar, that event doesnt officially take place until later this month, theres no dispute that summer ended Monday with that mass exodus down the Northway, leaving the Blue Line in a cloud of fading exhaust fumes.

Don Henley must have been in North Creek when he penned the lyrics to his song Boys of Summer.

Nobody on the road,
nobody on the beach.
I feel it in the air,
the summers out of reach

Empty lake, empty streets,
the sun goes down alone.
Im driving by your house
though I know that youre not home.

The boys of summer are gone. Overnight, temperatures dipped into the 30s. Will snow be far off?

Seasons on the calendar and seasons of life; with both, change is the only constant. The kids are back in school and a helter skelter race has begun; race to get them to school on time, race to pick them up, race to the game, the concert, the bake sale.

Parents start your engines, the boys of summer are gone and theres racing in the streets.

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