Shoreham zoning

To the Editor:

Zoning regulations see to be big news lately, as some business people are taking an active role in establishing more reasonable regulations. I wonder how many people have bothered to even look at their towns regulations until they are told by a zoning administrator that they have broken the law!

In that regard, a letter to the editor in the Eagle recentlyfrom Bristol about the Off Premise Signage Lawreminded me of my reaction to reading in Shorehams proposed zoning laws (not passed yet) the two full pages of mostly single-spaced laws about the sort of signs, and their size in inches, which we can and cannot have in Shoreham if we pass this new 67-page document into law. Sixty-seven pages of rules governing our use of our own private property, for a rural town of something over 1,000 residents: that should certainly keep us all in line!

Are we so out of line that we really need such control? Do we so easily give up our freedom to control our own property, for which we pay heavy taxes?

Shoreham residents should check out the proposed regulations on line, or get a copy at the town clerks office: see if you wish to live under these rules before it is too late.

Margaret Barnes

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