Moriah proud of property rights stance

To the Times of Ti:

Post reading Monday that the town of Moriah is not enforcing a local ordinance, I wish to respond to the 2007 Windshield Survey on Unlicensed & Junk vehicles, which this board was not aware of until recently nor requested or asked for any such information.

Our town board is particularly noted for the way we encourage citizens to participate in their local government. Example, this citizen called, asked and was granted the time to do a presentation at our July meeting. Valid points of concern were made during discussions and we clearly stated then, Moriah has a codes officer who duties include this very topic.

People within our township retain various vehicles for numerous reasons; many collect for future restoration, economical parts cars or simply a back-up mode of transportation. I was surprised to see this in print, noting all the pertinent issues facing our township, county and state.

We as Moriah citizens do not enjoy some of the very basic property rights others in our country have. We have more redundant regulating bureaus, laws and agencies than our forefathers could have dreamed of. We as local elected officials will always use our taxpayer funded resources conservatively, efficiently and wisely and with the targeted result being a service upgrade or a cost reduction.

The 5th amendment of our U.S. Constitution clearly expresses the idea that a man/womans life, liberty and property are not subject to the uncontrolled power of government. (it is also included in the 14th amendment) which this board member distinctly supports.

Democracy is alive and well in our Adirondack mountain communities, and that I am very proud of.

Eugene F. Williams
Moriah town councilman

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