Mike Mender's random thoughts should be rethought

Another thing you may have considered before trashing an entire group of people is what benefits are brought to each state. Benefits such as the dollars brought to the area spent on tourism and the taxes that are spent on second homes that bolster the economy of the towns and school systems (even though we dont use the schools systems and pay taxes on our primary home for the education of our children). This money allows the economy to flourish and bring jobs to the areas, plus allowing the people who spend their money to enjoy themselves, so it appears everyone benefits.

Mike, the Adirondacks has its mountains and New Jersey has its ocean shores. We build roads like the turnpike, the Garden State Parkway, the New York Thruway, and I-87 to help people get to their destinations faster, but if you dont like the stop and go traffic on busy days, or rush hour times, there are also side roads and alternate routes to try. They may take you longer to get home but they show you a different aspect of the states youre traveling thru. New Jersey and New York are beautiful in their own ways and so are the people who choose to live in them.

So stop complaining Mike and be grateful that God gave you the gift to wake up in the morning and ability to drive and shop and return home safely.

P.S. Im what you call a flatlander and I call a part-time mountain man but what we both are, or should be calling each other, is neighbor

Ron Jones,
Hasbrouck Heights NJ
Warrensburg, NY

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