Mike Mender's random thoughts should be rethought

Dear Editor:

After having read Mike Menders article in your papers Saturday, Sept. 1, edition, I take exception to his classification of people. It appears he has met some apparent rude people with different accents, and different color license plates, (well Mike havent we all) and because of this he has classified, if not all the people, then the majority of the people from New Jersey by his statement of people from that part of the world.

Well Mike I beg to differ with you. I have had the good fortune to have traveled to all fifty of the United States with my wife and children and have found a little bit of what you have described in your article of rudeness but mostly the people in America are friendly and courteous. I was born and raised in New Jersey and choose to continue to live there because its a wonderful State with wonderful people. I also choose to have a second home in the New York Adirondacks because of all the states I have visited this was one of the most beautiful. Although I also have put up with an occasional bad NY driver, and an occasional person in a rush at the checkout line, or counter of local store, I find the people in New York to be very friendly and helpful.

You know, Mike, if you took the time to read your own article you would have realized that your car, as well as the other out of state vehicles, were part of the problem of the traffic jam, not part of the solution, just as my vehicle is part of the problem when I travel to your roads while visiting or touring. I also believe everyone in the New York, New Jersey, and every other state for that matter, knows that the roads are more congested on Sunday nights from people returning home from traveling, especially during the summer months.

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