Little old lady arrested?!

To the Editor:

Who is in charge at the Sheriffs office? I think it is Larry Cleveland. Must be they cant do anything without him. They cant even investigate a simple matter without him sticking his nose into it. I thought he had more important things to do, like keep our taxes down by not spending too much, and hob-knobbing with the politicians. Nope, he has to tell them to arrest little old ladies like me.

At the young age of 76, I was assaulted by a man half my age. I called the State Police and filed my complaint. They properly arrested him. The abused man felt that I needed arresting also for assaulting him back, but the State Police told him no. He wasnt satisfied so he took his complaint to Sheriff Cleveland, who promptly ordered his deputy to arrest me for assault. The nice young man was embarrassed that he had to arrest and fingerprint me and he told me the Sheriff ordered him to do it. The poor dear, I felt more sorry for him than myself because he clearly did not want to do it. Just following orders, he said.

Twenty elderly people like myself died in that boat and Sheriff Cleveland made the decision not to test the driver for any alcohol, and then he makes another decision to arrest a great grandmother like me for assaulting a 40-year-old man. Where is the justice? Keep Cleveland Sheriff! Give me a break. Keep Cleveland away from us senior citizens.

Irma Winslow,

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