Art examines and celebrates relationships in nature

NORTH CREEK An art exhibit on display at the Widlund Gallery at Tannery Pond Community Center through Sept. 27 focuses on the relationships found in nature, particularly in the forest areas of the northeastern United States and Southern Canada.

Artist, Rebecca Richman brings attention to the quite remarkable, and oftentimes reclusive, species that are impacted by acid deposition in the Boreal Forest of the Northeast United States and Southeast Canada. Influenced by her love of all life forms, Richmans images mirror the delicate relationships between people, living species and their landscape homes. Her vision of beauty is portrayed by the meticulous use of color, depth, clarity, and light.

These Boreal images bring attention to the effects of pollution in a powerful, positive way, highlighting connection of place while addressing the perspective of a one Earth megasystem. Richmans images tell the story of the delicate relationships in Nature in order to bring to the forefront of our consciousness that what we do to our natural world, we do to ourselves. Foremost through her art, she encourages others to explore their own close, intimate relationship with Nature.

Richman is passionate about honoring the natural world, and all beings to which the Earth provides a home. Living relationships, expressed through her art, bring into focus the connection of one life to another, and the intricate ways in which people impact our planet and are impacted by it. Richman seeks to create images that reveal the inherent bond that humanity has with all of Nature, and her artwork reflects this intensity of spirit with striking depth and emotion.

Richman uses her work to raise awareness about the importance of conserving biological diversity. She believes you cannot have a healthy landscape without having viable populations of native species within that landscape, for there is a remarkable connectedness among all life forms. Richmans vision is that humanity and Nature can thrive together in balance and wholeness. This message of harmony is silently celebrated through her visual fine art.

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