The lost art of snapping

We can use the snap to accentuate a point of conversation. My leg squirted down between the plow blade and the chain, and when my neighbors son backed into the rear of my truck (SNAP), my leg broke in half. Maybe that particular description didnt really need the extra definition by snapping, but the use of snapping to accent cant be used too much if you ask (SNAP) me.

If youre trying to think of something and cant, sometimes, without realizing it, youll snap. I like those snaps; theyre off the cuff unpremeditated snaps that come off making you feel cool, like Dean Martin.

Dean Martin, now theres a guy who could snap some finger. On a good day one of my snaps might conjure a bowl of Corn Flakes with blueberries, but for every Dean Martin snap, there was made a kettle of Pasta Fasoule.

Snapping has an unlimited number of uses. Im sure if you sat down you could think of three more maybe? Dog training. Getting rid of a bee that happens to be attracted to your overload of ear wax. One other maybe, I cant think of it though. Does it matter if snapping usage is limited? To me, no, because I love to do it for no good reason.

Sometimes when Im driving late at night and Im starting to get sleepy, I snap my fingers to keep awake. I wonder when Im snapping, what makes the sound? Is it friction made by the middle finger and thumb, or is the slap sound solely made by the middle finger as it lands on the base of the thumb?

Im betting youre going to say the latter is true. But try it first before you decide.

What do you think? I think its hard to say that the sound is exclusively made by the middle finger hammering down upon the base of the thumb, because the thumb coming off the middle finger makes a sound too. Its impossible to see, especially while driving, where the majority of the snap sound comes from and it makes me curious to no end.

Im fascinated by finger snapping, and also by whistling, two things most all of us are able to do, partly because neither cost a cent. Whistling is much more beatific, but I dont have time to write about it. (Early deadline). Doing both simultaneously can make millions of people happy. If you can do both simultaneously, you just might want to quit your day job.

Snapping, the underused, underrated thing to do.

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