The lost art of snapping

I like to snap my fingers. I do it well. I snap wicked loud. I also clap loud, unbelievably loud, but this isnt about clapping, this column is about snapping your fingers.

Its a very expressive maneuver and considerably underrated as far as Im concerned.

We snap our fingers when we dance. Its a bad move, a move guys like me overuse when dancing. But it is an option. Ive totally surrendered to the fact that I cant dance and because of that have perfected what I call the snap dance, which is done by simply standing on the dance floor, still, your head tilted a tad down and left, your right arm extended just so, with your right hand snapping. Thats all you do, you stand there and you snap. I won a dance contest with it in Rochester last spring. Its a sweet dance.

We snap in the car to music on the radio. Again, thank god for the snap because were often on the cell phone while driving these days, which makes in-car clapping a thing of the past. Click it or ticket, snap it dont clap it. Its safe.

I would never do it on purpose, but you can use the snap to get someones attention. A lax waitperson, an unruly child, a cat scratching the couch; there are countless situations you can use a snap to get attention, but like I said, I dont intentionally use it because basically its rude.

I use the snap to see if my ears are evenly plugged. I have a thicker than normal ear wax producing set of ears, and about every other year I go to the doctors office and have them flushed. I start to notice its about time for the flushing when during a shower one of my ears starts to hold water. Im never convinced the water is totally gone after my shower, so to check, I snap to the side of each ear and see if the decibels are the same. If one of my ears is starting to fill with wax, the snapping on that side is softer. I than make my flush appointment. Snapping as a health aid.

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