Random thoughts from the Jersey Turnpike

Im not proud to say it but must confess that at times, Ive cursed their presence.

Ive cursed them as theyve cut me off in traffic, their pale yellow license plates disappearing in a cloud of dust kicked up by their squealing tires.

Ive cursed them as theyve cut in front of me at the checkout line at the store or the service line at the restaurant.

Ive interpreted these behaviors as rudeness and wondered what Id done to merit such treatment.

I was wrong, my friends. I was wrong.

After crawling on the turnpike for four hours, Ive come to realize these behaviors have nothing to do with rudeness. Like lions on the Serengeti who pounce on the unsuspecting antelope, killing the innocent to survive, our foreign friends are just trying to get by in the only way they know.

So next time I get cut off in traffic or run over in the grocery store, Im going to try not to take it personally. Dodging hungry lions for a few months each summer is a small price to pay to be able to grow old in paradise.

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