President Bush

To the Editor:

If George Bush were to visit Vermont and I had the chance to speak to him face-to-face, I would say this: Thank you for the tax cuts that kept our national economy afloat despite the twin tidal waves of terrorism and natural disaster. Thank you for repelling every terrorist attack since 9/11. Not only for the near-misses that made the media, but also for the rest that failed early on due to improved intelligence and police cooperation. Thank you for your personal integrity as a husband and father. Thank you for appointing the kind of judges you said you would appoint.

If I had more time, I might say something about his failures, too. He's had plenty of those. But I would save time to conclude with the words that deserve to be said to every American who sacrifice their personal experience of the quiet, peaceful, prosperous life most of us enjoy, so that others might enjoy the same: "Thank you for your service."

Guy Page
Cambridge, Vt.

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