Opening Birthday...

September 27 is a meaningful date to me on many levels. Not only is it my son Harrisons birthday, but it also is always the opening day of the northern bow season an occasion I relish like a kid at Christmas.

He was born on the bow season opener, I said through a toothy grin to Harrisons mom Mary as I cradled him in my arms, just minutes after his birth.

Thoughts of hunting equipment for Harrisons many birthdays danced in my head.

Thats super Mary replied, seemingly unimpressed with the absolutely huge significance of this twist of fate.

Ignoring the tiny fact that Mary had just endured 18 hours of labor followed by major surgery, I pushed on.

No, no, you dont understand, its the opening day of bow season! I exclaimed excitedly, another toothy, albeit sheepish grin covering my face.

The day NEVER changes!

Again, apathy.

Would you please bring our son to me, she said in a tired you-have-serious-issues-with-this-hunting-crap tone.

I know. Its a curse.

Interestingly enough, it wasnt long ago that I thought Id be forced to hang my bow up forever - never having the ability to pass this passion on to Harrison.

My left hand remains partially paralyzed from being shot in 1993. I told my physical therapist that my number one goal was to shoot my bow again.

We tried exercises. Adaptive devices on my left arm and hand. Nothing worked. I had the power to draw my bow, but not hold it at full draw. When I released the string it always rode down my arm - causing serious road rash and throwing off my shot.

I finally discovered a product designed to allow physically disabled people to hunt with a bow. Its called a Draw-Loc. It attached to my High Country Archery bow with no drilling and holds the bow at full draw while Im on stand.

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