Noise needs to be addressed in Chesterfield

To the editor:

I was pleased to read the recent submission by a Keeseville resident and his support of "excessive noise" legislation in the Town of Chesterfield.

Residents along Route 373 in Port Kent also are barraged with excessive noise in the milder months by lines of vehicles coming from the ferry dock. As soon as the last curve is passed, motorists have a tendency to "gun it" in the straightaway causing exceptionally high sound levels as well as the added danger of speeding in a 30 MPH speed zone. Motorcycles without mufflers are the main noise offenders and actually can shake the windows in my house - especially in the large groups they often ride in - but trucks seem to be getting louder as well. But all types of vehicles are guilty of speeding in both directions through this area with hidden drives, pedestrians, and bicyclists.

I am all for an ordinance prohibiting excessive noise, but I doubt it would/could be enforced effectively. The 30 MPH speed limit would be much easier to enforce, but rarely is. The section of Rt 373 between the golf course and the ferry dock becomes noisier and more unsafe every year. I would at least like to see "Quiet Zone", "Hidden Drives", "Limited Sight Distance", and "Pedestrian Caution" signage placed appropriately along this stretch of highway. I would also recommend extending the 30 MPH speed limit at least another quarter mile beyond the golf course before we have another pedestrian or bicycle fatality along Rt 373.

Dana C. Rohleder
Port Kent

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