Mooers United Methodist Church to host Revival

MOOERS It is so easy to lose track of that purpose in life; the reason we share with and love our neighbors.

For those and many other reasons, Pastor Al Johnson, of the United Methodist Church (UMC) in Mooers is planning a revival with Reverend David Martin, serving Hope UMC in Eagle Mills, NY, as guest speaker and Rev. Greg DeSalvatore, pastor of the Amsterdam, NY UMC, leading them in music.

David (Martin) did serve for a time in Plattsburgh before he ended up in Eagle Mills (near Troy), Rev. Johnson said, he has a great gift of story-telling, hes like a one-person play and he recites some very, very powerful messages.

Rev. Martin will present Knowing Christ.

Revivals are actually a longstanding tradition within the UMC, said Rev. Johnson.

Revivals, he said, are non-judgmental, keeping in mind that God is not exclusive.

Rev. Johnson went on to explain that a revival is comparative to a pep-rally in that they help get people of faith charged up, and those searching for a deeper meaning in life to find it.

The purpose, Rev. Johnson said, is to be able to share ways in which God can and has helped us, and to help people find better ways of coping with life while here in this world.

Everyone is welcome to attend, Rev. Johnson said, after all, we are all part of Gods family.

We want to be open to those who do worship with us, whether it be every Sunday, occasionally, or not at all and to those of other denominations as well.

Keeping in mind how the Bible tells of Jesus tendency to sit and talk and even share a meal with the good folks hed meet, there will also be a free Spaghetti Dinner served at 4:30 p.m. just prior to the Revival, which is slated for 6 p.m. on Sept. 9.

For those who would like to attend but have little ones to worry about, the UMC in Mooers does have a nursery. Mooers UMC is located at 12 East St, Mooers.

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