It's only money

They say renewable energy is the way to go. Word is it is going to save many of us a ton of money. Perhaps we would save even more if some of these companies were a little more frugal than say the state highway department. For weeks now Ive seen multiple groups of at least three men standing, waiting, even sleeping in their vehicles, waiting for an oversized load to arrive so that they can control traffic. At least the road crews will hold up shovels and make the attempt to look alert if not busy.

It is also amusing that just a few weeks ago three at most these large lighted signs were brought in and parked in close proximity to the town intersection noting the expected arrival of oversized loads. The sign said from May August even though May, June, and most of July had already come and gone by that time. They were just recently updated, so we should feel better now.

And when it comes to elections it is downright sickening to think of how much money is spent on campaigns. Sickening and ridiculous, is what it is. Enough said.

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