It's only money

So I went grocery shopping yesterday and all went pretty well up until I got into the parking lot, that is.

As I approached my vehicle I could see a shopping cart up against the back of it. I looked around and the only people I could see were two store employees. One young lady was apparently on break or at least I would hope she was. Wearing a store T-shirt she was somehow seated on the slanted ledge under the huge windows at the store entrance, smoking a cigarette.

Meanwhile another employee was rearranging the shopping carts by the entrance. They were having a conversation about their hours, which seemed to have a this place sucks connotation attached.

Although I was just about 25 yards away from them, they both seemed oblivious to the fact that a cart had smashed into my vehicle. Mind you the girl was on break, but the cart boy should have been on top of things, no?

Perhaps the grocer ought to cut back on unnecessary spending and pass the saving on to the consumer.

Homeowners are often complaining about high taxes. As school taxes continue to soar it seems we are seeing our money go down the drain as there seems to be a constant struggle to keep principals and superintendents in one place for more than a couple years.

With the salary in the vicinity of $165-175,000 per year for a superintendent and $75-85,000 for a high school principal, one would think we could expect them to stick around for a bit longer for at least enough time to make some progress.

Lately it seems like a giant game of Musical Chairs or something, the way they keep shuffling around.

I dont know about you, but I feel cheated.

Perhaps we should consider starting them off at a little lower rate during a probationary period to let these folks prove themselves worthy of the positions and those high wages.

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